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For Immediate Release: December 14, 2011
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City Council voted 5-4 to waste $4.4 million of taxpayer dollars on a City Hall Courtyard Atrium while city faces a $16 million budget deficit for 2013

Final vote to take place in City Council meeting today, Wednesday at 2:00pm
Cincinnati City Hall, 801 Plum Street, 3rd Floor

Cincinnati, OH -- On Tuesday, Cincinnati City Council narrowly approved spending $4.4 million to renovate City Hall's courtyard to create an atrium event center for weddings and other occasions.

City Councilman Charlie Winburn says the City Manager has more than enough vacant space for a venue such as this located just 500 feet away from the proposed courtyard in the city-owned Two Centennial Plaza at 805 Central Avenue.

The Centennial space has been vacant for 1.5 years and has resulted in lost revenue for the taxpayers of Cincinnati of approximately $500,000. "The City Administration has failed to market this prime space to the private sector to create jobs," Winburn said. "It's another lost opportunity to help our economy." Winburn says it would cost less than approximately $100,000 to renovate the vacant Centennial space for a wedding and event center and sees the $4.4 million as excessive and wasteful.

"A majority of City Council has priorities that are not in line with the priorities of the taxpayers of Cincinnati," Winburn said. "The budget that was passed is structurally unbalanced because there is a greater concern for spending $4.4 million on a wedding and event center than on truly strengthening our city's economic foundation."




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